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Cosmetic Dentistry

What message is your smile sending? Consider these “smile” stats from a 2012 PR Newswire survey:

  • The #1 thing people notice when meeting someone is their smile.

  • 77% of women think crooked teeth are a bigger turn-off than a receding hairline.

  • 78% of Americans perceive adults with crooked teeth as unsuccessful.

Numerous studies have found that bad teeth can affect income, job promotions, hiring decisions and dating, and even cause people to distrust or move away from someone with bad teeth. Dr. Head offers a variety of affordable cosmetic dentistry options to give you the attractive, confident smile you desire.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry blends the science of dentistry with the artistic skills of the dentist. Cosmetic dentists must have a keen eye for aesthetics and extensive training in specialized cosmetic dental procedures and materials. The “art” of dentistry can:

  • Cover stained or discolored teeth

  • Repair chipped, cracked and broken teeth

  • Fill in embarrassing gaps and missing teeth

  • Improve incorrect bites

  • Correct tooth alignment, size or shape

  • Whiten and brighten teeth

Which cosmetic dentistry treatments do you offer?

At Sonoran Vista Dentistry, Dr. Head is expertly trained and experienced to repair, improve and enhance your smile with several treatments, including:

What does a cosmetic consultation entail?

When you arrive at our office for your cosmetic consultation, you will meet with Dr. Head to discuss your concerns with your smile and what you would like it to look like. If changes have occurred in your smile, photos taken before the changes began can be very helpful. We’ll conduct a comprehensive dental exam to determine if there are any health issues contributing to the condition of your teeth, and then discuss the best treatment options to achieve your goals.

Cosmetic dentistry can transform your appearance

When it comes to your smile, experience counts. Using the newest treatments and technology, Sonoran Vista Dentistry in Gilbert can completely transform your dental health and your appearance, and give you a confident smile. Call today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.


Sonoran Vista Dentistry is accepting new patients. Call us today to discuss your dental health goals. We’d love to take care of you and your family!

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